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After not returning for 2+ years the staff informed me my dr had left and a new gentleman had taken over. I, just wanting to replace my lost glasses, didn't care and got scheduled. I found this visit just as pleasant as any other, the dr was nice and we joked and chatted and discussed recent travels while he thoroughly checked my eyes. He mentioned I could get bifocals now but don't need them quite yet, and just come on back when I notice I can't read at a certain distance - I felt informed and forewarned but it was up to me what to do with the information.When it came time to get my new glasses selected the staff told me what my insurance covered and helped me find frames that best fit my face, and did not just lead me to the most expensive as I am always suspicious someone might be tempted to do. I found a great pair of glasses almost fully covered by insurance, and they explained all my options (anti-glare, transitions, lens types) quite well.My husband was with me since we knew I likely needed my eye's dialated, and he now has his own appointment because of the continued good experience I had.

- Sarah C.